My journey

When I reflect on my running career, I find a natural comparison to the life of a cat. My relatively long tenure as an athlete has allowed me to have multiple rebirths. Like a cat I have escaped the “end” repeatedly and always land on my feet. I started as a no name on the streets of NY running away from my problems and towards a new sense of self. I snuck up on the road racing community with quick success. I went from a rewarding college soccer career at Villanova University to a top marathoner all in the blink of an eye. My results led to opportunities that included shoe contracts, an agent, a professional training group and entries into the top road races in the country. I lowered my times to 2:35’s, 16:30’s, 33 minutes, you get where I am going, but this life would soon end. My internal demons were thwarting my efforts on the roads, so with my tail between my legs I returned to my other life as an educator. This part of my story looked a little different because I was working a full time job, but the runner self still earned a few visits to the Olympic trials marathon and doses of top performances at almost every distance. However, I yearned for a different setting with my newfound balanced life, which came via the trails.

When I moved to the mountains in Colorado, I began a love affair that started with mistrust. I wasn’t sure of how to take in the natural beauty while fueling the competitive fire that drove who I am as an individual. Naturally, when my trust was challenged I fled back to the roads that were familiar only to find myself emptier than before. During this time in my life, I diverted my attention away from running when I felt confused and embraced motherhood with the hopes that the fire could be put out and a sense of satisfaction could ensue. I heard comments like, “You are a mom now, running doesn’t matter”, but not one ounce of my being wanted to adopt this philosophy. I dabbled on the trails, but was not sure what distance or type of terrain was where I could find fulfillment. I was amazed by the fact that my body could return after each pregnancy and that my mental game became my strongest asset. My 30’s became a cycle of gaining optimal fitness and clarity around goals mixed with 3 births and the constant of my career in education. I felt pulled in three different directions knowing that each component of my life mattered in order for me to be the best version of myself

So, here I am at the ripe old age of 41 and I still dream like the 7 year old watching the ‘84 Olympics in my parent’s living room. I feel a sense of purpose and a drive to have an impact that goes beyond the podium and into the success of others in my treasured running community. I see myself as a sounding board for other women and men who feel torn in their busy lives. I want to take my enthusiasm for the sport and experience in balancing life with running into your journey. I am ready to spread the love affair, so contact me!


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