“You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step in faith”. (MLK)

Welcome to Cooper’s Conscious Steps! An individualized training program that will allow you to overcome barriers and find the path to personal bests. Your running goals will become a reality as you put one foot in front of the other and strengthen your mental resolve. Large gains in training and performances are predominately accomplished from what happens in between your ears. Yes, that’s right, your mindset is incredibly powerful and you have the power to improve it with the right support.

I am here for you whether your goal is the finish a 5k or 100 miles either on the roads or the trails. Your training plan will be very specific to the event(s) you are training for and tailored to your lifestyle. As soon as we partner together you will receive a google spreadsheet that will outline your training, log daily workouts, life events and to note future races. This will be similar to a journal or other tools that you have used to track your efforts. This log is a great reflection piece for both before and after races as it shows your growth as an athlete and highlights the process which is much more meaningful than the result.

To be an effective coach and for you to get the most out of my service we will need to communicate regularly. I encourage you to reach out through text or email anytime to make sure that I know how things are going. We will also have a monthly check-in via phone, FaceTime or Skype. Your voice is a crucial part of your success. You know your body better than anyone else, so I will need that insight to guide you throughout your journey as an athlete.

My philosophy as a coach and an athlete is grounded in the notion that there is no substitute for hard work. The hard work that you will put in will be prescribed in a balanced approach that marries both physiological adaptions with psychological tactics. You will be training your body and your mind in blocks of training that will be designed anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months depending on the distance and your current fitness. Your workouts will be written one week in advance with the understanding that I will adjust them according to your feedback daily.



Jeanne Cooper- Incomplete Bio
I am a wife, mother, runner, counselor and many other things depending on what time of day it is. My running career began in the early 2000’s while I was in graduate school finishing my masters in counseling. Shortly after my first race, which was a marathon, I moved out to California to train with Olympians and American record holders. I am not sure how it all happened, but to this day I am grateful for the opportunities that I was afforded. I immediately gravitated towards the longer distances and saw myself as a marathoner. I still got on the track to run the mile at the NYC armory and a 10k out in CA. I was humbled by both experiences and knew early on that the track was not my thing. I ran mostly roads for 5 years until I moved to Colorado and decided that the trails were nicer on my body. I tried to remember how many road marathons I have done and I lost track around 15. When I moved to the trails I started with shorter distances and moved up all the way to the 100 mile distance with the exception of Uhwarrie 40 miler where I ran a CR. My best performances on the trails are in the 20k-50k range and have produced several podium visits.
  • My road PR’s: 4:55 (1 mile), 16:30 (5k), 33:10 (10k), 1:16 (half, but ran much faster in a marathon) and 2:35(marathon)
  • I am a 3 x Olympic trials marathon qualifier
  • My one and only national title- 25K National champion (I think I may have set PR’s at most distances in this race)
  • Division 1 soccer player- Villanova University
I believe that my experience as a mental health provider is equally as important in my role as your coach. An ideal coach has experience in the sport, understands the physiology and most importantly can address the psychological components of running.
  • BA-Psychology-Villanova University
  • MsEd- Counseling-Fordham University: Leadership- Western State Colorado University